Jokes workshop


Something like;
“my career as a time traveller was over before it began”


I’m thinking of something along the lines of:

  • “Tumescent” means swollen or engorged (particularly when used to describe an erect penis)

  • Graveyards contain “tombstones”

  • If a man were to engage in sexual activity in a graveyard, might he become “TOMBescent”?!


@xylo GET HIM!!


Too complicated. Think you’ll have better luck starting from “sarco-PHALLUS”


i can’t believe he’s done this.


Or maybe HEAD’S BONE?


Buried DICKS feet under!




Brilliant. Truly top notch work. It’s even better considering you’re the first person ever to come up with such a clever gag.



definitely funny the way he tells it


I Googled it first and was staggered to find that no one has ever thought of it before.



TETSUOOOOOOOOooooh matron!


Alt right?

More like alternative to being right!


I was worried about the rise of fascism in our time, but now I think it’ll all turn out alt-right


I used to be the southernmost section of coastal land but now I’m not So. shore




‘That Lance has been in prison an awful long time’
‘Being seeing signs with ‘Free Lance’ on for years’


Really polymath too, that Lance.


Something about eating a parrot and it repeating on you