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Nah yours was better: clever wordplay >> a free hit against an obvious nob

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Right, so having seen the Derry jokes about an It spinoff in the great things on social media thread and people getting irked about “you hate/love to see it”.

Q: What’s a person who likes scary clowns’ favourite album?
A: Let’s Get It On

Things like that… There must be loads of It jokes


Something about Slash City. Except I don’t know if It is really a slasher movie. Maybe would be better if it was another new Halloween.

Q: What’s a person who likes scary clowns’ favourite Strokes album?

A: Room on fire

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Who’s the second Strokes album’s favourite Arsenal manager?

Arson Wenger

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Bloke walks into a record shop and asks the clerk for some recommendations.
Bloke: “I’m feeling pretty depressed. Could you recommend me a good slowcore band and a good modern upbeat pop album?”
Clerk: “Low, Self-Esteem?”
Bloke: “Wait, you too?”
clerk: “Nah, they’re shit.”


Why don’t Roberts like going to the winter OIympics?
They’re scared of all the Bobsleighers.


Something that confuses the Henry the 8th wives musical Six with the car hire place Sixt

Divorced, beheaded, DRIVE!

I dunno.

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Saw this debatably irrelevant waterfowl the other day.

It was a moot swan.

This but better/funny please.


something about

why did Mary magdalen’s energy bill go through the roof?

Cos he lives.

but more coherent