Jokes workshop


i’m hoping to roll this out during Q2 2017 so if you have any improvements do not hesitate to suggest please



This works on many levels.


Well two at least.



Did you hear about the Dogme 95-themed wedding?

Even the cake was Von Trier’s







I like to layers


Guys, been toying with a punchline about a physicist, maybe Einstein, being a ‘mass debater’. Just not sure how to lead into it.


Einstein and his pal are in his room arguing about physics n that. His Ma comes in and says “eh stop mass debating and [insert additional physics-based wanking joke set up in the original conversation]”


Something do do with a physicist finding themselves in sticky situations around the department?


Hello all,

I’ve got the basic ingredients for a crude joke, in which ‘per se’ is to sound like ‘pussy’. A bit Jimmy Carr granted, but could it be done in a funny manner?



** does that annoying laugh *


I thought of this the other day. Everyone I’ve told it to seemed extremely disappointed.

What did the insect taxidermist say to the other insect taxidermist?

Your fly’s undone.




if a tree falls into the sea when nobody is around to hear it, is it drowned in sound?




think about it


Had an idea for a joke, not sure if it needs a bit of work doing. gets framed for a crime he didn’t commit and gets sent to jail. Loads of people take to the streets chanting ‘Free Will!’. The movement then gets hijacked by philosphy lecturers who turn it into ‘Free Will?’. stays in jail