Jokes workshop


Rumours going around that Boris Johnson wants to make the wearing of religious headgear compulsory under law.

Turns out that it’s just a turban myth though.


Walked past a school earlier having a fundraiser. Had a delicious looking outdoor BBQ. It’s scheduled to rain, but still - tempting fete.


Something about a dog trying to steal a lady’s religious dress but getting the wrong thing, due to his misunderstanding of cultural apparel. He was burka’n up the wrong sari.
(requires sari to be pronounced saree)


Should this say ‘Phlegmish Master’?




I live for this response tbf


I’m not going to explain my joke to you but yes


Lost a load of my stock market profits investing in children’s playground apparatus. Swings and roundabouts innit


Something about a handdryer being addicted to cocaine as it has too much blow.


Reckon there’s anything in “so much for the tolerant Leffe”? @hip_young_gunslinger ?


Anti sceptic cream


I really do.


You can have it for free, see if you can craft it into some serious #numbers


Bear with me here

I’m imagining a company that’s run entirely by animals, cows doing paperwork, fish delivering post, goats on reception etc. General harmony but the board is all very well paid sheep who have all been fast-tracked to that level through a system of patronage, so are still very young.

Anyway the union aren’t happy about it and the gist of it is they are calling for a minted lamb chop.

You see that’s why they call this the joke workshop.




got a really niche one and probably not even a joke

hauntology, it ain’t what it could’ve been


big fan of this tbh


there’s a chance I might be able to use this joke in my final essay for my MA

(I’ve already cited a DiS review)

oh man


please, please do

it’s a very good joke!


Very niche DiS, doping and rugby league joke with the punchline.

Keighley Cugats.

Maybe @Matt_was_taken will be a taker