Jokes you don't get

I don’t get this cracker joke:


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I don’t get it but I would have gone for the coffin/coughing angle if I had to


I was going to say - supposed to be coffin, not con.

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Makes no sense. Coffin Medicine typo?

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Seems you’re not the first…


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This one explains the joke…

Think it’s supposed to be coffin medicine

Le Jokeoi.

one expects the noveltie

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i think i get it

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What’s the punchline supposed to be?

  • On/off
  • Coffin

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seems you’re not the first…

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Yeah con/coff doesn’t make sense because there’s nothing particularly opposite about Dracula is there?

He was kind of a con man. Sort of.

Yeah, this would be my generous reading of it.

Coffin is way better, though.

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It’s a swipe at the Whitby Goth Convention. The writer of the joke is clearly from Whitby and sick of the annual gothic descent on their otherwise peaceful town. He has assumed the character of Dracula who is coughing with despair and wants some medicine to cure him of the curse of this con.

Another vote for Davidoff Con Medicine

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How does Dracula like his coffee?