Jokes you have instantly regretted


A friend has asked on Facebook for local double glazing company recommendations. In amongst a series of helpful, sensible, adult replies, there’s me windmilling in with “Krispy Kreme!!” (she enjoys their doughnuts)

Fucking hell. Instant regret.


I would have tittered, tbh.


All about triple glazing nowadays isn’t it? Joke’s on her.

I’m hoping to see a Gilette/Wilko Sword arms race in the glazing game.


thinly veiled ‘I’m laughing at my own joke’ thread


At least she’s as much of an idiot as I am.


m8, someone has to.

Tbh I’m still sulking about the lack of rapturous reception to my “Hermann O” post the other day.


only ‘nearly’ - you must be crushed


It’s better than it deserves.


(I am “it”)


yeah “I saw your joke and almost laughed” is pretty galling


‘office lol’ as well - the lowest of the lols


2 x’s though! get in there!


I rolled a feg, and was going to smoke it. One of the people I was with who I half know said: ‘Pinky don’t smoke it’ll kill you!’ as a joke

I replied ‘I’m already dead’

No laughs

In fairness i had nowhere to go with the first part.


basically an imperceptible guffaw. “I saw your best attempt at a humorous reply and it was close to eliciting a response. but it didn’t.”


Basically all of them, I’m a HumourDad trapped in a young Dad’s body.


Uncanny parallels to my sexual performances, tbhtbf.


Also this joke.



Corbyn’s been working out.


Confused by this. Your opening post implies it was in direct reply to this person but this message implies there’s a third party involved.