Jon Hopkins


Saw him play live a few years back supporting Pet Shop Boys at the O2 - been a fan ever since. Immense sound live.


Think this is my favourite mix of his - again, on good headphones sounds mind blowing!


holy shit this is good


Only 2 months till release :smiley:




so i paid for the preorder and got a download of the edit and of the full track - the video uses the shorter edit (3.23 vs 5.36)


This is the cover apparently:

This has immediately gone to the top of my anticipation list…especially since that track (and video!) is great. Was a tiny bit worried following the trailer…this is much more like it.


This is fuckin fantastic, both the track and the video.

Previous Jon Hopins stuff hasn’t done much for me but I think I’ll go back and give it another try.



Nice. Going to catch him at Latitude, but will prolly also go to that Brixton Academy date :+1:


The extended version is also on Spotify. And better.


Fuck me, that track is unreal.


When the bass enters one final time around 4.30 sec. Seismic.


anywhere i can hear the full version of the track instead of the edit?


I had never heard of Jon Hopkins till a bunch of Dissers were banging in about how good immunity was about 5 years back.
So checked it out and reckon it’s one of the records of the decade so far, absolutely brilliant t.
And he’s playing the warehouse later in the year, yaasss!




indeed you’re right. for some reason i checked before posting that and i didn’t see it. thanks!


Right. Might have to exercise some self-control and stop listening to this constantly. Want it to still feel fresh for the album.

Gonna be tough.


He’s basically Moby


explain yourself