Jon Hopkins


There’s definitely this argument to be made. Though it’s more similar in practice to what boarder community nailed well over a decade ago.

Fwiw I still like it.


He does veer into coffee table Guardiantronica occasionally.


Here we go…


Feels more like a critique of social class than music but what do I know? :man_shrugging:


The new track is fucking brilliant and the video is great too


He sounds like Hookworms


@NickDS I was definitely rambling to you about him last night, check out the video in the post i’m replying to here and let me know your thoughts


Album launch show at Village Underground 10th May on sale now…


I got two tickets to this, having refreshed the link at exactly 10 o clock, surprised there’s still tickets now apparently



Yup, I’m going too. Don’t know how well publcised it has been - I only saw it in his own Twitter.

Pretty psyched, especially as I realised I was away for the Brixton shows in November :+1:


:smiley: can’t believe I missed this until now


just finishing my first listen of the album now, and obviously absolutely gorgeous, but also his music really hits me on quite a deep, resonant level. I have such specific memories attached to Immunity as it (and Sunbather as a weird, but maybe not, counterbalance) was all I listened to in the summer of 2013 when I moved from Glasgow to London and it was pretty much the perfect soundtrack for it.

Very much looking forward to seeing him at Latitiude


Each new track just builds my excitement for his new album.


Oh my…


Thats probably my fav off the new album


Very nice :+1: Reminds me a bit of this (which is a good thing btw)…


Sounding like he’s aimed squarely at the dancefloor and capturing the euphoria of his sets. I’m here for it.


the bass sounds like it’s alive


Isn’t straying far from the sound of Immunity is he?

This new one defs gets prettaaaay cheesy and I can dig me some cheesy progressive house. Time and a place for it and I’m sure it will make many good summer festival moments, but not sure I’m that interested in this as a record atm


Yeah it’s not that dissimilar, which is probably my only major criticism of this record, but it’s still very enjoyable all the same