Jon Hopkins


Read this in Smashie & Nicey’s voice, then this started playing in my head


Listened a couple of times now and so far it’s going in one ear and out the other :confused: DJ Koze for sound of the summer I reckon!


I sound like smashie & nicey?? That’s devastating.


Loving this.

I’m not sure if Echo Dissolve needs to be there though.


The ride’s good, but I’ve been on this pony before.


This is excellent. Music to lose myself to.


Stage times for anyone going to the album launch show at Village Underground tonight…

Doors 19:30
Kelly Lee Owens DJ 19:45
Jon Hopkins 21:00



when i saw polyphonic spree in the same venue it felt stupidly cramped and busy, is it always like that?


They re-jigged the layout a couple of years back so depends when you went.

That said, it is essentially a tunnel so is always prone to bottlenecks. One of those venues where it’s often less busy at the front than the back…


blimey i’ve just checked and it was in August 2013 so yeah, must be different!


So who else went last night?

Thought it was pretty great. Loved that he played the first few tracks off the new album straight off the bat - thought he was going to play the whole thing through initially. Sadly not, although obviously that would have meant missing out on a massive Open Eye Signal.

Got their later than planned and missed Kelly Lee Owens DJing, which was annoying.

Was anyone on the guest list? Dat queue…

Last night's gig was

aah was that the massive queue! i just felt happy to get in in front of them haha

it was fucking incredible, you were absolutely right about the front being less busy btw - great tip! we we on the left near the wall first half and then via the bar ended up very front right with two bald brothers who were absolutely loving it (as we were)

when he played this as an encore my mate absolutely lost his fucking shit :smiley:


yeah i went, great set and the visuals were stunning. Kelly Lee Owens was great as well, managed to time in right so had a great view right down the front. New tracks are great live, proper chills during Emerald Rush.


5 listens in…its a lovely album…agree with much of the above - this is definitely related to Immunity…but crucially just as engaging…beatific and melancholy but uplifting in parts with that lovely crystalline production. Music for dancefloor and headphones alike and I am more than happy for this to soundtrack my summer. If it continues to grow on me as Immunity did this will be a strong personal AOTY contender.


New Daniel Avery remix of C O S M, which neatly brings together the artists behind two of my favourite albums of the year…


Hopkins also remixed Avery recently…


Well this is pretty nice too :+1:


the bit where it suddenly goes brutal at about 5m30s :ok_hand: cos normally at that point in a Hopkins track it goes gentle and beautiful


currently playing on a Pitchfork Facebook live stream, intro to Emerald Rush was astonishing


New London show announced with yer man from Hot Chips…