Jon Hopkins

Anyone else go to Shepherd’s Bush last night?

Thought it was incredible, sound was amazing and he looked like he was having a lot of fun. It was a really lovely start to have some of his quieter piano stuff first before moving on to the bangers. Light show, dancers, and the trippy visuals were all so, so good. Only shame was the short-ish set.

Alexis Taylor was good too, and Kelly Lee Owens is such a great DJ - a nice warm up.

yes i was there on my own, 3rd time i’ve seen him this year and agreed on all points :+1:

if he plays brixton academy on his next tour there’s no way i’m going, not when the sound there is so fucking awful and if i pay attention i can see him elsewhere in london

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I saw him in Manchester last week.

Kelly Lee Owens was playing live rather than DJing though, and I loved her. Been listening to her album a lot since the gig.

Jon Hopkins was just great. 5th time seeing him and his music has more vigour about it live. Absolutely brilliant.


Yeah, great but way too short a set. I thought the recent Brixton set was too short but this was ridiculous - less than an hour.

Could’ve done with a lot more of the stunning ambient (only 15 minutes!) - definite Frahm/Eno vibes… but the bangers sounded amazing and intense.

i was surprised he only spent 15 mins on the piano before hopping into the bangers

at village underground in may i felt like everyone there had known his work for years, then in brixton everyone knew it would be good but last night i could sense that a few people were having that wonderful experience of just going “mate what the actual FUCK this is just SO BLOOY GOOD!”

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What’s a live show by yer man like? He’s just announced a date at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh, which seems a weirdish venue.

EDIT: The second I posted this, Synergy Concerts sent out a wee blurb about it on Facebook:

Usher Hall, Edinburgh
4 March 2020
Tickets on sale Friday 13 September at 10am

It is with great pleasure that Jon Hopkins announces Polarity – a new tour for 2020 – which follows on from the incredibly successful Singularity tour, where he performed sold-out headline live shows, festival dates and DJ appearances across the globe.

Taking in Royal Albert Hall London, Sage Gateshead, Brighton Dome, Salle Pleyel Paris, Helsinki Music Centre and Berlin’s Philharmonie – to name just a few – Polarity will, Jon says, tether together “the two disparate elements of harsh and fragile in my music.” He explains, “by going between the two, we’ll hopefully create some profound moments of stillness.”

Playing grand piano for parts of the show, he will be joined on stage by a small group of consummate musicians and long-time friends, consisting of acclaimed producer and guitarist Leo Abrahams, violinist and arranger Emma Smith and cellist Laura Moody.

Presenting his live show in seated venues will present a fascinating challenge for both performer and audience. “Right now I have a set that’s tailored to festivals and to standing crowds and intoxicated people,” he says, “and that’s been amazing, but I would say my deepest nature lies in the stillness, the meditative side of my music.”

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You must go


First time I saw him play was Royal Festival Hall in 2015, when he was doing exactly this kind of set with a piano etc.

He played some nice stuff first, then just cracked out the bangers and there was a great moment where over about 2 minutes everyone stood up to dance. Was my fav ever gig for quite a while.

Last year he did exactly the same at Shepherds Bush Empire, tho sound quality wasn’t as good as RFH.

In summary

Village Underground 2018 > Royal Festival Hall 2015 > Shepherds Bush 2018 > In Rainbows = Blue > Being twatted in the face by a pro boxer > Brixton 2018 > Brixton 2016

christ i fucking hate brixton academy

Royal Albert Hall will be amazing tho I’m on holiday so not sure about buying tickets…


That was such a shit show :confused:

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That RFH gig was sublime, the acoustics in that place are so good. You could hear a pin drop during the ambient piano tracks and then was full-on rave during the bangers. One of my all time top gigs. Blanck Mass supporting as well which was nice.


Row D at the Usher Hall.

That’ll be good.


Hayden Thorpe supporting on his tour. Not heard him, but he seems to have had good reviews for his album. Anyone know him?

EDIT: D’oh… Wild Beasts frontman.

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Booked to see him at Sydney Opera House when I’m on holiday :sunglasses:


Extreme jealousy.

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Good gigs on holiday are the best :+1:

Be great if they collaborated on some Wild Beast/Two Dancers remake. Such a strong Hopkins remix.


Seems to be odd tickets resurfacing for the sold-out Royal Albert Hall gig on its website. Just picked one up after missing them first time around.

Crikey - banger and a half this