Jonathan Demme dies

Made some fucking good films that guy

Carpe Demme


made probably the greatest film of all time. RIP

Stop Making Sense, yeah?

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(is it Dem, or Dem-my?)


oh i liked him

Silence of the Sheep?

Big big big fan of Stop Making Sense.

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you’ve got the title wrong there, you plonker!

It wasn’t even about lambs, false advertising imho

no trains in it either. suppose that’s my fault as well!

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Directed this too, ledge

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Spoiler alert!

He directed Philadelphia AND Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia video! Has any other director done that? Directed the music video of a song from the soundtrack of their own film?

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Michel Gondry maybe?

Oh maybe. The Beck song from Eternal Sunshine, perhaps.


Watched Silence of the Lambs with the kids just a couple of weeks back. What a film

I think it was a big surprise at the time as well considering Demme was most famous for his comedy films up to then. Would be like Paul Feig or something doing an Oscar-winning brutal crime drama now.

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