Jonathan Demme dies

sad news, made some fucking awesome films.

I for one tonight will be putting on goodbye horses and recreating one of my favourite scenes

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The Silence Of The Lambs is the only ‘horror’ film to have won the Oscar for best picture.

If for no other reason (and there are many, in particular his documentaries), Demme :+1:

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Something Wild is really really quite tense, from what I remember. I mean it begins like a comedy then Raily Otter comes along and it gets dark.

having checked his filmography, turns out i’ve only seen the one! blimey

Rachel Getting Married is very good.


he started off in the Roger Corman world. I don’t think Paul Feig has made any women in prison films!

his filmography is definitely quite strange though

Tell you what’s good
Rachel getting married

I read the plot synopsis. It sounds horrifically depressing.

Watch Something Wild for sure.

It is a bit aye, in that way that feels real as opposed to exploitative though. Anne Hathaway is fucking amazing in it.

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The tv didn’t have a clue what I was up to, she’s never seen silence of the lambs though. I failed to mention the reference

It’s got a bit where Robyn Hitchcock is the wedding singer which is great

aren’t like, TV on the Radio in that film?

Tunde Adebimpe has a supporting role