Joni Mitchell not-particularly punctual Listening Club: Court & Spark

Would anyone fancy doing a listening club? Have been listening to a few non-Blue albums and… they’re really good.


Yes please. Especially now her music is back on Spotify. There are some questionable 80’s LP’s in terms of quality but her output other than Blue is exceptional.

Definitely. As @JS24 says, the 70’s in particular is all killer.

This is worth a listen as a primer.

BBC Sounds - Legend - Available Episodes


I love to gush about Joni yes please


Any excuse to listen to JM. In!

Having become a convert literally two days ago, I absolutely would be down for this

In for this. I think there are some gems in the 80’s stuff (there’s a few great, albeit very-of-their-time tracks produced with Thomas Dolby for instance), and the 90’s records are some of the best things she ever did.

Dunno if this is one of the gems you’re talking about, but it’s a belter. Blew my mind when I found out it was her tbh.

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Yes! I really need to get a handle on her discography, she’s probs the biggest influence for some of my fav artists

Yes exactly that! I love the twilight feel of that and ‘Lucky Girl’, in particular.

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  • One album per week starting next Monday, following a Strict And Organised Chronological Schedule
  • Skip across her discography and pick albums using a poll
  • idk, just vibes?
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Been thinking I need to do this for ages as it is.

Is weekly stretching it out too much? Could do that, or 2 albums per week.

Album Released Start date
Song to a Seagull March 1968 Monday 25 March
Clouds May 1969 Monday 1 April
Ladies of the Canyon April 1970 Monday 8 April
Blue June 1971 Monday 15 April
For the Roses November 1972 Monday 22 April
Court and Spark January 1974 Monday 29 April
Miles of Aisles November 1974 Monday 6 May
The Hissing of Summer Lawns November 1975 Monday 13 May
Hejira November 1976 Monday 20 May
Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter December 1977 Monday 27 May
Mingus June 1979 Monday 3 June
Shadows and Light June 1905 Monday 10 June
Wild Things Run Fast October 1982 Monday 17 June
Dog Eat Dog October 1985 Monday 24 June
Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm March 1988 Monday 1 July
Night Ride Home February 1991 Monday 8 July
Turbulent Indigo October 1994 Monday 15 July
Taming the Tiger September 1998 Monday 22 July
Both Sides Now March 2000 Monday 29 July
Travelogue November 2002 Monday 5 August
Shine September 2007 Monday 12 August
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Turbulent INdigo

Yes, please!

For my part, I find one a week is better for absorbing stuff, and that’s more important to me than the risk of it going on too long and weariness setting in (but I am saying that as someone not committing to running it!)


Pretty annoyed that she’s back on spotify tbh

If Neil Young jumped off a cliff would she jump off one too??


Not really relevant at all but at the album club I go to we listened to ‘Blue’ and talked about this and I made a really good joke about the Pono that I feel like didn’t get the response it deserved

I’d post it here but I forget what it was

Yeah I vote for one a week pls, find if these things move too fast then I lose track!


Adore all her 70s output but haven’t listened to any 80s at all