Jont and Aggers take London (mini meat w/c 16/03/2020)

  • Monday 16th
  • Tuesday 17th
  • Wednesday 18th
  • No thanks

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And the usual LME top sorts

got bike klub shite on tuesday but good for the other days

I can only do Tuesday and Wednesday. Don’t worry if it needs to be another day (I’m also around until Thursday evening before late train home)

Just had a message from a pal suggesting meeting on Tuesday so that’s the worst day for me also

yeah, cant do any of these :frowning:


Wednesday looks a goer. I’ll be near blackfriars but happy to move around. Should be free from 5

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if @hip_young_gunslinger’s coming I’ll let him pick a pub

I cannot confirm at this stage but will do my best to show up. Blackfriars / Farringdon is pretty good for me

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@xylo @ericVI @aboynamedgoo etc.

Looks like next Wednesday

Think I can do any tbh, working in town already so i’m pretty easy

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I’m playing football from 6 PM til 7 PM, free for the rest of the evening. Anywhere central or North London is best for me.


I live in Manchester, but can’t not vote in a poll given the opportunity.

going to Jon Hopkins at Royal Albert Hall on the Wednesday but looks like you won’t be very near there

Unfortunately I won’t be in attendance, my work policy r.e. COVID-19 has just been updated and intra-office travel cancelled, so won’t be in London next week.

Hope to catch up with you guys soon.


As it stands I’ll still be in London and still be up for a beer, though understand if anyone wants to bail for covid reasons

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My office just said it will remain open until the govt decides otherwise so I’ll probably still be around

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Yeah might be enforced WFH next week in which case i’ll most likely bail but see how we go eh

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I’m still up for beers if you’re in London.

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I’m in London right now