Jook's Gap Yah




I’m going on a wee tour of Asia in a few months, does anyone have any travel tips for the following places?



Osaka/Kyoto and surrounding cities

Ho Chi Minh

All tips and recommendations warmly welcomed.


fuck you guys


i thought you were going to North Korea


I am but figured it was pointless to ask for recommendations as it’s a strict schedule while you’re there.

It’s gonna be FUN.


Self-pity bump


Been to Thailand and Bali. Was ace. That’s all. Climb a volcano. Get laid. Drink bintnag and buy a Bintang wife beater. Wear some shit around your wrist and not wear socks for 4 months. Stay out there for a year longer than expected.

Gonna be wicked bro.


is this for your jook of edinburgh award?


This is a tour of the East side of Asia, by the way. A tour of Asia would be a far bigger undertaking as any player of Risk would tell you.


Er, feel free to tell me to piss off but… why are you going to North Korea? I dunno, going on the government sponsored tour of one of the worst regimes in history for tourism just seems really off to me.


This tickled me.


Also like how he bumps it then pisses off again.


I tend to agree. I don’t really have a defence either. I just want to go. :neutral_face:


No, I do not


Fair enough. Enjoy the trip, looks amazing. I’m going to Ho Chi Minh next week so I’ll let you know if I have any pointers.



Thanks, that’d be great- enjoy!

And cheers Matt, I’ll take a look.


I want to go to all of those places (including North Korea). How long are you going for?

I’ll tweet you to put you in touch with a friend of mine who’s just got back from China and Vietnam.


When will you be in Tokyo?


Cheers for that :slight_smile: I’ll be in China and North Korea for two weeks, South Korea for two, Japan for five and Vietnam for one.

@littleblimps I’ll be there between the 12th and 28th of Feb- do you live there?


Yep, I’m in Nakano, west Tokyo so feel free to ask me questions.
To be honest I don’t think Tokyo is great for sightseeing, unless you like spending lots of money and going up tall buildings, but just hanging out and eating and drinking is a lot of fun.