Jook's Really Serious Quiz League (JRSQL) - Tuesday 8pm

Testing the waters, who would be interested in taking part in a competitive solo quiz league?

I’d host once a week, via Zoom but you’d need to also sign up to Kahoot! (or get the app).

Plus points:

  • Much quicker than the quizzes we’ve had so far as all marking is done instantly, and there’s no conferring.
  • None of this nicey nicey patting each others backs, this is all out war, that’s fun isn’t it Andy
  • Lovely prizes for the winners

If you’re not familar with Kahoot, it’s a live quiz app, you’ll see the questions on the Zoom and you’re given 4 possible answers on your app/the website, you simply tap the one you think is right.

  • Yes I’m very much into this
  • No thank you I just want to have fun when I do quizzes, why does everything have to be competitive with you, Jook

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  • Wednesday nights would be a good time for this
  • Thursday nights would be a good time for this
  • Sunday nights would be a good time for this
  • I don’t want to take part, fuck off

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(I think each quiz, if it was say 40 questions, would take around 45 minutes, if that)

Any time, I have nothing going on.

Very much keen for this.


The scores would carry over to the next week and we’d have an overall league, as well as weekly winners.

Would only reveal the top 5/10 at the end though, to avoid embarassing anyone that did really badly


Oh @whiterussian’s film quiz is Wednesday, I thought it was Tuesday

How does Tuesdays sound for this very serious quiz league?

  • Yes
  • Fuck off twat

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Make a GO KERMIT banner for behind you on the zoom

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Alright then, Tuesday night it is. Shall we say 8pm?


Later the better for me, but obvs I’m just one voter

Should be ok as long as m is asleep by then, she should be

  • 7pm
  • 8pm
  • 9pm

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Assume if we can’t fulfil all fixtures the player with the highest average score will win the league, right?

Was gonna just get my own premo zoom to stop you having to faff about x

And yep, averages will be taken into account. I’ll commit to doing 5 quizzes of 40 questions let’s say, so 200 qs spread out over 5 weeks. Season 1. No I’m not going overboard.


This does not slip etc.

Happy to donate mine even if I can’t make all of them btw


Yeah, I’m in, this sounds great. Will there be an entire round on Jimmi Harkishin?

I’m going to try to balance it between high brow and Dev

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The people have spoken, 8pm it is, sorry to those that can’t make it.

Okay this is taking shape

Will run for FOUR weeks, 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th. 40 questions each week.

It’s gonna be good i reckon