Jools Holland - Series 51

There’s usually a thread on this, isn’t there? Didn’t catch last night but I’ll post the link below…hoping to catch Friday instead.

Not a bad line up, in fairness. LCD Soundsystem, Liam Gallagher, Benjamin Clementine, Nadia Reid, Jorja Smith, Jimmy Webb and Elise LeGrow.

Next week is pretty big too…The National, QotSA, Morrissey, Jessie Ware, Khalid, Marty Stuart.

Had to mute the TV for (television not wife) for Gallagher. LCD were dull. Benjamin Clementine was a bit weird. Dancing with a mannequin. The others washed over me a bit. In summary - average line up.

I liked Nadia Reid. Whoever did the truly appalling Chuck Berry cover needs to pack it in.

There was a clip show of this that was fairly pish except it had a HD version of one armed scissor

~walks backwards around thread~


What the fuck is this new QoTSA song? Sounds like something from an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

A pretty bobbins version of Villains of Circumstance.

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Leam Gallagher was awlful and Ben Clemantine was freaking scary.

LCD were alright.

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A good idea for this program. Stop having artists playing with just a piano it makes some songs sound wank. This week the victim was St Vincent doing Los Ageless