Jordan Peele's 'Get Out'

Really excited to see this movie - shame it’s not out in time for Hallowe’en and we’ll have to wait until late February.

Is that the lad from black mirror

and sicaro, babylon etc.
also posh kenneth from skins

Fair play on the accent
Looks good anyhow

Reel Big Fish’s ‘Sell Out’


looks good

as always the trailer basically seems to have shown me the whole film, however

Really? It seems like there’s a good idea of what happens but still nothing about the final third of the movie and only allusions to what is going on (Almost Hot Fuzz style, with a touch of the supernatural)

Just watched this.

Great stuff.

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Watched this t’other day. Really great, 8/10. There was one thing I wasn’t happy with but don’t want any spoilers so will sit on that.

Might go see Us this afternoon. The guy knows his social horror.

Can’t you just say the spoiler and blur it? Film’s two years old now
I’m interested to know

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Dunno how to do that.

Highlight the text, click the highlighted bit then Blur Spoiler

He’s a ghost

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Can’t do it. Soz. Smoking hot opinion will have to wait.

Maybe we should bump this thread when it’s been 5 years since it was released.

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You don’t even have to highlight anything, just pick ‘blur spoiler’ and type.

Got it - thanks @Scunner

[spoiler]Loved this film, and had a wonderful growing creepiness. I even coped with the slightly silly amount of time it took for yer man to have a chat with his girlfriend about how weird it all was. My mini-miffle with the film was when he flashed the camera at the guy and reverted to his trapped, panicked self, I FUCKING LOVED IT. Just the absolute best, and then I sort of assumed that would become a key part of the story with him using flashes as a weapon to find out what people really thought, and play them off against each other. Instead, it was forgotten until the final scene for the final bit, which was totally great, after half an hour of much more traditional scary stuff, including the slightly whiffy scenes in the surgery. That said, bloody loved the death by stag head too, so that can stay.

But not a real complaint that, just for me thought they had come up with something both really original, and fucking cool, then it wasn’t really used.[/spoiler]

….covered in piss.

you don’t got it

for some reason each paragraph needs to be spoilered individually :slight_smile:

ffs mate spoilers


Didn’t work? No idea why, and no longer care. Fuck off computers.