Jordan Peele's 'Get Out'

Didn’t work? No idea why, and no longer care. Fuck off computers.

Think I have resolved now. This is bigger than when I successfully drilled a hole earlier.

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Spoiler chat 2

Imagine him flashing the girlfriend and the shit brother, and finding out, briefly, if they are into it or not, and then the mum and nothing changing etc etc. Would’ve been so good.

I was a bit disappointed with the third act on first viewing. Always seems like horror films struggle to nail the ending without resorting to been-here-before tropes. Didn’t mind it so much on rewatches, I guess I was just expecting something more off-the-wall at first.

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Inspired by this chat, nipped out and saw Us.

Not sure I liked it really.

I liked Get Out… just not really sure it’s as original as it thinks it is. Ira Levin did this 40 odd years ago

as well as The Skeleton Key !

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I liked the low key ending actually. It concentrated on telling the story instead of trying to hit conventional horror/thriller beats.


I don’t think he even considered the others were under the spell as such. The situation is completely fucked and by the time he gets confirmation from his mate the guy is Andre his battery is dead. I think it’s more realistic that he doesn’t see that as a key to the story. When he uses it it’s a final desperate check.