Jordan Peterson


Shall we have a thread on this guy? I don’t know an awful lot…but enough to know that I’m pretty afraid of his influence. Should I be? The article I shared below isn’t very good in many ways (and ends on a very mealy-mouthed and weak note)…but I do like the quote “Peterson’s secret sauce is to provide an academic veneer to a lot of old-school rightwing cant”


Or should I just update my cunts thread


Only just heard about him but I always mishear this 70s BNGR as “My name is Jordan Peterson”


The real deal with Jordan Peterson is that he is a Canadian clinical psychologist, cultural critic, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. His main areas of study are in abnormal, social, and personality psychology, with a particular interest in the psychology of religious and ideological belief, and the assessment and improvement of personality and performance. He’s in his mid-50s, is married, and resides in Toronto.


I’ve read a lot of reviews on his new book and it made me really want to read it, I was going to buy it online after reading one review one night but then I remembered I had a full Waterstones loyalty card so decided to wait till I could get to the shops the next day. Hungry for a taster I decided to listen to his podcast in bed that night and I had such a anxious nights sleep it put me right off it. Bad vibes!


A lot of his videos popped up and I liked a lot of them.

Obviously the fact he’s probably a complete nazi freak makes it unpalatable, but I can definitely see why he appeals. I’m prettt much his dream demographic after all.


Kermit T. Logic.


The Times are desperate for him to become a figurehead


Do Canadian academics really pose much of a threat to mainstream cultural values? He’s sold a couple of thousand books and become a bestseller… it’s not like he’s on the Graham Norton show or writing newspaper headlines.


From what I heard of the Cathy Newman interview she was basically one or two questions away from exposing his simplistic and ill-informed perspective on gender, but she didn’t have the wherewithal to push forward in that direction. Don’t blame her, she’s a journalist and not an academic, but yeah…


What two questions are they?

I think he’s made a mistake making this part of his crusade, but I’m interested to know what a real academic would use.


Can’t really remember but it was something to do with the gender pay gap. He started saying something that sounded reasonable and then said another thing that kind of implied that women were generically predispositioned to do lower paid work. Can’t be more specific than that sorry.

To be clear I’m not saying I would have done a better job than her or nailed his arguments down. But an articulate feminist academic wouldn’t struggle to find the faults in his arguments


the problem with Jordan Peterson is that he’s very #deep, by which I mean, he says a lot of things that superficially sound quite deep but in substance he’s basically just re-packaging self-help rhetoric with a slight intellectual tone. His main message is often basically ‘grow up and get a job and be responsible for yourself’ which is obviously a welcome message for all these American conservatives who are worried that one Bernie Sanders supporter or transgender person will bring around the annihilation of the nuclear family, work ethic, white patriarchy, etc.

He’s very passionate about depression, loneliness and suicidal tendencies in men, and for that I do respect him. If you’re a bit lost and you need your self-help guru to quote Carl Jung every now and then so you don’t feel patronised, I guess he’s pretty good.


he does a lot of the right leaning youtube channel and podcast circuit - places that get millions and millions of views or listens, mostly from teenagers. he’s definitely got a big reach.


Yeah she was very ill-equipped for that interview. Not really a criticism of her, she’s normally very good, but I think Channel 4 stitched her up with that one. So now you have it being shared on YouTube with “FEMINIST LIBERAL DESTROYED” titling etc. which isn’t actually what happened.

To get an understanding of Peterson I listened to all 9 hours of his Joe Rogan podcast appearances. He’s impressive in a number of senses but he’s acutely paranoid which seems to drive him to conclusions (neo-marxist corruption of universities etc.) which don’t bear much comparison with the world as I see it. Needs to be challenged more on the “evidence” he uses to back up his points. Also stop saying “social justice warriors” ffs.


I like it when he starts crying because he so passionately believes in the right of pale young boys to yell the N-word and threaten to murder transgender people on Xbox chat.


PE gives his book a pretty sterling review. My favourite thing is that his house is wallpapered in socialist realism, apparently just so he can get mad about it every single day.


he was on channel 4 news the other night
he’s thicker than pig shit


here y’go


Think he proves a lot of people reflexively bow to anyone with the proper credentials.


suggesting people have serious problems in their life and possibly mh issues because they don’t subscribe to his extremely unimaginative mid-twentieth century personal view of how lives should be lived (including all the usual sexism and all the rest of it), and much worse that’s it’s provable with science, is sooooo dangerous