Jordan Peterson


Much of the time his twitter rants make him seem like… just another of your Milo and your Prison Planet shitheads. Every time i hear about a new figurehead of the alt right i get twitchy… and then i check their social timelines. Also the old shark eyes gimme the willies.


tried my hardest not to engage with this guy or his fanboys but one thing I have noticed is how he presents himself as being non ideological and spends a lot of time attacking others for being ideologues.

if that doesn’t set alarm bells off I dunno what would.


Someone on twitter pointed out that a lot of the people the alt-right put on a pedestal are idiots who just happen to have ‘professor’ in their title. As much as they pretend to hate academia, they are all also really self conscious about their own stupidity, and so they parade anyone which an academic title who agrees with their views, even if, as the guardian article points out, his apparent areas of expertise aren’t even anything to do with the weird anti-trans right wing bullshit he spews.


Guy on my Facebook shared a video and a few articles of his. I read that guardian article and a few right wing articles who lauded the guy but I don’t know enough about him to really condemn him but the positions he had taken regarding trans issues, white privilege and the patriarchy don’t appeal to me and I can’t see how any science or qualifications can allow you to argue white privilege is a lie without getting laughed out of town but hey ho.

In summary if I had to make a judgement, I’ll go with the opinion that he’s a cunt with shit opinions that he presents as facts and his ideas will be seized upon by all manner of fuckwits as proof they are right to be Nazis.


Been watching one or two things on YouTube and caught bits of his Joe Rogan podcast, mainly due to hearing all the Channel 4 kerfuffle. I really like Kathy Newman, but don’t think she comes across well in that interview (the half hour one anyway). She’s super combative, which is cool, but makes a number of assumptions which he quickly and pretty comprehensively refutes.

I think the the danger with this guy (and I’m sure scratch the surface and it’s a hot mess of archaic nonsense) is however salient a point you think he’s making (and he makes a lot), and however positive a message he delivers to particularly his younger male followers - there’s an implicit, wolf whistle-esque element to a lot of what he discusses. He doesn’t really touch upon this either, seemingly conscious that it will be used as fuel for a lot of hateful stuff without denouncing it, other than paying lip service every now and then. He appears to tap into yer “it’s political correctness gone mad” set quite effectively. He’s championed and being positioned as a much more palatable Milo.


hear talk of him making some salient points mixed in with the bullshit but i’m not sure what the salient points are tbh.


Just watched this, not having read or seen any of his output prior to this. It seems to me that his points in this interview, broadly, are correct.

The pay gap is a lot more complicated than just comparing average wages of men and women and we do need to factor for multiple variables to understand the causes.

Equality of choice and opportunity is what we are after, not equality of outcome.

Tht problem with the interview, for me, is that she kept putting words into his mouth which he hadn’t said, and therefore he spent almost all of the interview clarifying and “not saying” things. She didn’t actually engage on any of his points, just badly summarised them into “so you’re saying…” which was simple for him to refute.


No he he’s wrong and dangerous which is why his opinions are not that of mainstream psychotherapy despite his bogus claims of “evidence”.
It’s bullshit because as you say it’s a quite complex system of different structural problems in our society preventing spreading the privilege of opportunity, but instead of suggesting ways we can help a society that is continuously advancing he suggests it’s just a part of life. It’s crap, and narrow minded, and dangerous in the same way he suggests men living exactly to his own 1950s capitalist viewpoint is the best way of avoiding mental health problems, etc. He’s an idiot and I can’t believe anyone takes him seriously (except it’s obvious why, bias confirmation for chuds)


Yeah, I just want to be clear again that I’m judging purely from this video. I’m a massive liberal leftie, and my default starting position is probably close to yours.

It’s just that in this video alone, she didn’t do anything to refute any of his points. Would have been much more effective to say, for example “they have done the multivariate analysis of the pay gap, and concluded it’s due to this, this and this. These are the problems we need to deal with”.

Maybe I need to read a bit more about him, but I do think that the way people are responding to him is almost proving his point. Reacting in a hyperbolic way, saying “you’re claiming the pay gap doesn’t exist”, etc, etc, does fit with his narrative that there is an “acceptable” position for liberals to take, and many people comfortably hold that position without appearing to think. This then can extend to there being “unacceptable” things to think or say. I think that’s what he was getting at with the authoritarian stuff at the end.


I’ve just watched the Vice doc thing, and he does NOT come across well there. Wow.


I listened to the latest Joe Rogan podcast with him, so 2 and a half hours of pretty detailed chat, and I thought he came across really well


He’s on Russell Brand’s one this week. Could be interesting; could be hellish. Might have a listen.


This is a really good piece in opposition to Peterson’s claims about “postmodern neo-marxism” as well:


The vice interview was pretty jaw-dropping, given how he’s previously played down effect of privilege when it comes to considerations around freedom of speech.

I really couldn’t imagine anyone else saying the things he said in the interview and basically not being hauled over the coals for it.


I’m a fan of Brand, so I’ll definitely check that out.


Surprised how easy a ride this bloke is getting in this thread, maybe I need to read a bit more or maybe his ideas have been hijacked somewhat but saying white privilege is a lie is incorrect and dangerous. But if someone else has invested more in listening to this guy’s ideas and can set me straight then I’m happy to listen so feel free to wire in.


Didn’t realise people were still fans of Brand. 3 years ago he was the original Absolute Boy. Now you rarely hear about him.


Because he’s a vacuous dickhead.


Don’t vote don’t vote don’t vote ed miliband’s in my house vote for him


Kind of this, a lot of things that he’s says basically lends legitimacy to structures that are incredibly harmful. A case in point is capitalism which he seems to see as playing out of certain natural hegemony, something which he has in common with the likes of Rand, Hayek etc.

Downplaying the systemic nature of things like poverty, unemployment and mental health and instead focusing intently on the individual is not only fiercely ideological, something that he claims to be against, but flies in the face of much of the sociological research that has been done in this area.

Also his twitter personality is almost entirely reactionary (I’m going to blur this because it is proper awful but also very illustrative of the kind of thing I’m talking about).