Jordan Peterson


His comments in the Vice interview about men not “knowing what is acceptable” and about women wearing makeup are ludicrous, obviously. Like he read some Geoffrey Miller and applies it with no context.
Find it funny though that lots of people are saying “this guys a total moron” etc and a laughing stock etc. He isn’t stupid and has a lot of knowledge and experience in mental health.


No but some of the gaps in his reasoning are so simple as to be exasperating. That’s why he gets called a moron.


He’s doing an incredible job of hiding it


That plus being “The Voice Of Scientific Reason” on one hand plus reveling in being an iconoclast on the other. It’s moronic behaviour.

There will be a thinkpiece entitled “Will The Real Jordan Peterson Please Stand Up?” within the next few months I guarantee it.


He is a smart operator, much smarter than your average conservative intellectual; you can see why he’s currently the toast of the alt-right. He tailors his arguments and approach for the audience he’s currently facing, so you see him beasting Newman by just coming across as reasonable and polite in the face of her blunt force approach. Then he’s back on twitter giving the chuds the racist/sexist dog whistles that are guaranteed to make them oink. Then he’s giving students the almost fatherly advice a lot of them quietly crave.

He’s like a more cunning Ben Shapiro. There’s a pretty standard scowling Christian dogma underpinning it all though, and like Shapiro he’d never be caught debating his ideas with real sociological experts. It’s a lot easier to talk down to a bunch of naive young people who will idolate him for telling them to clean up their rooms. Conservative sophistry is an incredibly lucrative grift, and this guy’s decided he’d sooner get on that than be a middling academic in his actual field of expertise.


Mate he’s on Russell Brand’s podcast this week


Will almost certainly be unbearable but there’s an outside possibility of it getting interesting. Brand’s pretty good at baiting out self-important right wingers from what I remember.


Looks like they had a great time


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I don’t know…I mean I’ve enjoyed seeing this thread develop…and it would be really great to see him go up against someone truly academic (in that area)…but if I, or many people I know, went up against him we’d be torn to shreds (that might not be saying much, I guess).

I do think the basis of his ideas are much simpler and regressive than he likes to cotton on…but in terms of manipulating a debate, he’s dead good (and that is a form of intelligence, I guess).

I should add that I don’t admire him for this…in fact it makes him even more unlikeable


Dude seems to be obsessed with getting mens rights activists to clean their room


agreed, my bedroom floor is now so clean you could eat soy off it


In defence of Jordan Peterson…no, not really.
A lot of “lol titdying your room!” stuff about, which is silly.
The tidying your room thing is quite a simple and basic task, the tenets of which are used in a lot of therapy. Trying to get people to tackle a simple task that they can easily do to try and restore order, confidence and a level of self-efficacy in their lives and as a gateway to solving other issues. But everyone knows this.
He’s basically a pretty good clinician that has probably helped a lot of people through the years and speaks and presents well about various mental health issues, underpinned by pretty standard psych theories…then he had a mid life crisis and started saying more openly offensive stuff about women and getting a bit attached to gender pronouns at the expense of people feeling happy about who they are, the thing he used to be interested in.
Basically, preferred his earlier work.


Pretty much agree with this, I think one of the reasons he wrong-foots so many people is that so many of the challenges he’s had seem to be based around trying to prove everything he’s saying is nonsense. When in fact there are certain aspects of his message which are not only pretty uncontroversial but also more or less standard practice in clinical psychology.

These aspects, however, aren’t reflected in some of his more recent interviews and twitter presence which largely seems to show his politics as being fairly conservative and reactionary.


I don’t think it’s genuine, respected therapeutic techniques anyone has a problem with tbf tbh


It’s yer boi Slavoj


Was quite funny because Peterson responded to this on twitter like all “I’LL DEBATE YOU ANY TIME ANY PLACE ANY WHERE ZIZEK” but he’d @'d a Zizek quotebot account not realising that Zizek wasn’t on twitter.


I like Zizek but that’d be fucking excruciating.


I’ll be honest I really haven’t engaged with Zizek at all. My reading is that 10/15 years ago he was very popular on the left, but now he’s not popular because he said bad things about… I want to say immigration but might be wrong.