Josh Homme

What’s the current deal with/opinion on him?

I love Kyuss, QOTSA, Them Crooked Vultures, Eagles of Death Metal, that Arctic Monkeys album, that Iggy Pop Album and Toast, but isn’t he supposed to be a massive arsehole?

Help me form an opinion which I may override for my own musical enjoyment.

Didn’t he kick a woman in the face?

Fuck him.


Shit. This is what I was after.

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yer other guy from EODM is a full on fascist so anyone who associates with him must be an arsehole too

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Music is mostly pretty boring too.
Which AM album was he involved with?


Love pretty much everything he was involved in up to SftD and a few bits and bobs afterwards. He’s a classic case of a dude buying into his own rock n’ roll myth though which is a bit sad.

Also he did indeed kick a woman in the face. In the heat of the moment because rock n’ roll. So yeah, fuck that guy.

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So, does everyone else (who would otherwise like it) not listen to his music now? Or do you draw a line under the person?

Used to love his stuff but the last two QOTSA albums have veered too close to really dodgy dad-rock.

Also when I saw them live… they weren’t heavy. Profoundly disappointed

A technicality, he didn’t kick a woman directly in the face - rather kicked her camera, which hit her face. Which isn’t much better.

not really sure there’s any difference when the camera was on her face:


I still listen. It’d take a lot to stop me wanting to listen to Kyuss in the summertime. I won’t be actively/financially supporting him anymore though.



In the interest of including the whole story he did apologies for the kick, I’m not saying in anway that makes it alright.

he’s an absolute bell end and his music is remarkably over rated



Homme - still listen, would agree he’s a twat
Bowie - still listen, will always listen
Jackson - ditto
Allen - still like Annie Hall and Manhatten, everything else was overrated anyway
CK - can’t bring myself to watch him any more. Cunt.


he should’ve done what Fat Mike did

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… after first defending himself by claiming it was a complete accident and he was unaware he’d done it because he was too engrossed in his performance.


Yeah, he kicked a woman in the face so fuck him. He doesn’t even deserve the Por Homme pun I was working on.

But, Prince had a fist fight with Sinead O’Connor and he’s raking the 5s and adoration in the HGWIR thread, so :woman_shrugging:


Who won?

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