Josh Homme

All these words sort of make sense but I’m still not sure I follow.

At least tell me you were a little charmed by the organ solo on Sworn and Broken, please, surely?

Sorry CH, closest I got to liking a song on there was Look at You :frowning:

I am confounded by this. Confounded!

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I feel this way about Sweet Oblivion, which seems to have achieved the status of The Definitive Screaming Trees Album for some reason. Dust is far, far superior in my imho.

I love Sweet Oblivion but Dust just shades it for me.

Lot of good stuff on Uncle Anesthesia and Buzz Factory too, though I can’t abide the stuff before it because high voiced Lanegan just sounds too weird to me.

This is now the all purpose Mark Lanegan thread.

I saw Screaming Tress with JH at the Bristol Bierkeller in 96. It was bloody great.

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I wanted to see them at the Astoria but my school pals were more into nofx

So what do we think the chances are of a Trees reunion one day? Surprised it hasn’t happened yet tbh. Any bad blood that I’m not aware of?

Tim Armstrong off Rancid probably doesn’t like him very much.

Very much so I’m afraid. The Conner brothers were apparently constantly at war throughout the Trees’ existence and Lanegan eventually got sick of their shit. He doesn’t like to speak about them these days by all accounts.

In a bizarre twist of fate a mate of mine became good friends with Van Conner online despite never having heard a single Trees song. It’s been a while since they spoke but he seemed happy never to do another big tour again. He had a pretty decent stoner band called VALIS and a bunch of other projects he was way more interested in.

Tim Armstrong off Rancid met Brody Dalle when he was 29 and she was 16, and married her the following year. There are a lot of allegations and stories about Tim Armstrong off Rancid from during and just after their marriage. Tim Armstrong off Rancid doesn’t have a leg to stand on.


I have no goodwill towards Tim Armstrong off Rancid but I was just pointing out he might not like Josh Homme off QOTSA.

Aaaah that’s a shame - I had no idea. I follow Solid 7 Records (small DIY cassette label based in South Wales) on Instagram and I see the occasional Gary Lee release crop up from time to time. Haven’t really taken the time to investigate any of their other projects* though

(*Mad Season and all 2783 of Lanegan’s aside)

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Jeeeeeez that is gross


Aye, but Homm or Hom-ay?

Homm-e so that it rhymes with mommy

Didn’t know about this. Interesting


You seem nice

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yeah, Dust is the one. It should have been huge.