Josh Thomas thread (Please Like Me, Everything's Gonna be Okay)

2nd season of Everything’s Gonna be Okay starts next week

I’m rewatching Please Like Me for the 3rd time too.
both really lovely shows

I often think about Alan’s emu impression

good interview with Josh here where he talks about getting diagnosed as autistic


I’m really interested to go back and watch Please Like Me as a show about queer autistic experience, given Hannah Gadsby has additional writing credits for many of the episodes and both are playing fictionalised versions of themselves.

Does anyone know if it’s still on Prime? Searched and it said Prime but also unavailable which is confusing. Might treat myself next payday and post a rewatch. If anyone else wants to join I’m happy to coordinate pacing.


It’s on Dutch Netflix but not on the UK one, which is nice for me as usually with stuff I like it’s the other way around. can use the UrbanVPN chrome addon to change your Netflix location tho

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Both shows are great, although the emotional lows and highs of Please Like Me are more pronounced. Curious to see what the second series of EGBO will be like, especially after reading the New Yorker article.

I love Please Like Me so much. It was the first queer comedy that ever properly spoke to me. Plus: hot guys. :ok_hand:

I can’t get Everything’s Gonna Be Okay in Germany, but I’m excited to see it eventually…

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hottest love interest

  • Geoffrey
  • Arnold
  • Patrick
  • someone else i’ve forgotten

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Ugh, just took out an Amazon Prime subscription to rewatch PLM as Google results has it listed as still being on Prime but it’s not. Fuming. Will watch the other one instead then.

if you don’t already use it, Just Watch is my go-to site for checking where shows/films are available

(it seems to confirm no streaming for PLM in the UK, sorry)

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Found pretty much all the Please Like Me eps on this YouTube channel - - so jump on this while you can!

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I watched and loved Please Like Me last year but then I’d completely forgotten about it. Didn’t know he had a new show out, can’t wait to check it out.