Joss whedon

arse has fallen out hasn’t it. turns out he’s a nice guy creeper.

Not sure if the posts above are arguing whether cheating is a misogynist/anti-feminist act. I think that’s slightly beside the point. The interview is making a case that Whedon has used his position of authority, power, and privilege to surround himself with women, while claiming to be non-threatening, and then abusing that position to get his wants. Not that I’m saying he’s sexually harrassed other people, but this is a massive alarm bell about how he views women.

For what it’s worth - his writing has always had massive issues and his defence has never been nuanced or deep. Don’t have a good example to hand but in the past when asked to explain some of those issues he’s said something to the effect of “how dare you ask that to me, I am a feminist” and then thrown his toys out of the pram when pushed about it.

Not sure where to start with articles about him being a bit of a tool, but this came to mind: New Family of Creepy Amphibious Worms Discovered in India | The Mary Sue


Love Buffy, disliked him a lot since I found he fired Charisma Carpenter for getting pregnant (amongst other not nice things).

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To be honest a lot of the usual ‘traits’ in his shows etc are very male gaze. He’s always seemed to me like a slightly more respectable George Lucas.

Firefly is maybe my favourite show ever, so I’m taking a strong “separating artist from the art stance” here.

That said, this is just yet more proof that basically everyone you value or appreciate has probably done some pretty damn shitty things in their lives. So, stop putting faith in other people I guess? Yay positive message…

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Yeah, factor in Adam Baldwin as well and I’m finding a potential Firefly re-watch harder to stomach.


I never really understood why he was seen as a paragon of feminist values, unless it was that these issues are so fucked up in pop culture / films / geekdom that even making a concession to it got him some credit. I mean, sure, he made a couple of shows with “powerful” female leads, but that’s about where it ended. It always felt like he was exploring his own fetish of pretty young woman who can beat him up. How he writes Black Widow in the last Avengers film is a clear enough example of how tone deaf and awful he can be.

Sort of want to re-watch his Much Ado About Nothing now.


This - that stands out like a sore thumb for me. ‘I’m a monster because I can’t have kids’, wtf.

Having kids has nothing to do with it, she’s a monster because she’s Russian. <подмигивать из безопасность!:wink:>

Always felt a bit like he was the ‘popular feminist’ because he was a white man therefore people listened to him, rather than all the women ever. Not too clear on this point, general hmmm kinda feeling, also Age of Ultron made no sense in general

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Always thought he was called Josh


“The interview is making a case that Whedon has used his position of authority, power, and privilege to surround himself with women, while claiming to be non-threatening, and then abusing that position to get his wants.”

^This to the power of a billion

He’s a fucking cunt. I am naturally suspicious of men who paint themselves as fluffy ‘friends to the wimmin’ because for every one genuine guy out there who understands the struggle, there are 99 fucking insecure cunts.


Don’t really give a shit about this bloke or his output but it is always infuriating to hear about another dweeby cunt (famous or otherwise) who’s adopted a whole ‘I’m a sensitive one’ persona purely as a technique to get laid.


david foster wallace

That name rings a bell but I don’t really know who he is. He’s not another one of these sci-fi wet ends is he?

nah he’s a writer, “greatest of his generation” thing. i used to really like his writing but i found out he was a highly grimy fucker who used his position and influence as a “tortured artiste” to sleep with his students at the college he taught at and with young female fans while on book tours. also had a relationship with a female poet that culminated in him pushing her out of a moving car during an argument, and he once bought a gun to kill her boyfriend before he started dating her (she found out years after).

i still like some of his stuff but i don’t really read him anymore and tbh i don’t think i’d be able to with that hanging over every “sensitive” “profound” story he wrote.

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Ah fuck that guy.


He was also a manic depressive with dug addiction issues. That doesn’t excuse his appalling behaviour, but at the same time, I don’t think DFW presented himself as a feminist in the same way that Whedon has built a career on. If we’re going talk about tortured artistes using their fame and/or sensitivity to sleep with women, then there tonnes of scumbags out there to have a go at.

David Foster Wallace?


OK. Gonna play devils advocate a little here as there has been an unequivocal pile-on, with people throwing the “Ha!! I always knew he was a creep” line at him. This isn’t a defence. Guy is likely trash based on the way it has been portrayed but

  • This is one testimony from his ex. If someone interviewed an ex after a particular heinous break-up, you’re never gonna get a glowing report are you?
  • He’s a slightly portly, balding ginger guy who wears MASSIVE white trainers. Cut the guy a break, yeah?
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any excuse