Journalism (rolling)

Anyone ever think about the ‘integrity’, for lack of a better word, of the press and political commentators? Was reading stuff posted about the BBC licence here and got me thinking about how much more I question sources, and a lot of the media now. Even from explicitly left-wing publications. More so than when I was younger, for sure.

was also reading stuff about bellingcat and the stuff they did on MH17 and Skripal, but what makes them more relible than others? they cite ‘open source’, but doesn’t that assume that all their info comes from credible sources?

is this a good byproduct of social media/citizen reporting and journalism, or what?

This is the only Integrity I know of.

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knew it was too late to post this.

You’re lucky I didn’t edit the thread title to Limp Bizkit lyrics. 0-1 Barleysugar.