Journalist twitter beg


This annoyed me a bit. What do you think?


She called me a dickhead once. That’s all I’ve got.


So youll be donating?


How come? Follow her because I really liked an article, but it’s mainly rants and selfies.


Because she’s an excellent judge of character, apparently.


Biggest supporter: Portland Communications

Dont help her bring down corbyn!!!


Actual answer: she asked for suggested questions for people playing in the world Monopoly championships for an article she was writing. I suggested asking why they thought Monopoly remained so popular when we’re in a golden age of new designer/hobbyist board games (but a bit blunter, because 140 characters).

She said it was a dickhead question. Not sure I disagree, tbh, but still.




It’s a perfectly cromulent question. I’d be pissed off if I were you tbh tbh.


Hmm. When my Christmas sandwich review work dried up I went and got a job. Seems a bit entitled idk.


She’s clearly a good yin :wink:


A few middle aged men have put their hands in their pocket already.


You’re all a shower of cunts.





She’s fine, that’s a weird tweet though, especially since she previously wrote about how findom is bad etc. Not equivalent I know, but related.


the guardian have been kinda doing this for ages


literati busking innit

seems a little shameful but no more so that pretending everything is alright when you’re flat broke and you have 40,000 people who could chuck you a quid or two


ehh kinda hate all this crowdfunding bullshit but oh well


Sounds painful