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Hmm yeah not convinced.
Liberal? Middle aged? Think i look nice in selfies?. Please donate so i can pay rent and credit card bills so i can continue write some “content” from my bedroom in hackney. Got some great #hottakes coming up, including “can’t believe im 27 and a big deal on twitter and can’t buy a house in London yet”, and “I spent the day on 4chan and people there are a bit weird and not very nice.”.


You leave elthamsmateowen alone, mate…or something


she’s fine to ask and you’re fine to ignore. not a big deal. i prefer actual journalists tbh. as in people who catch the truth in the headlights of their justice. i miss the exile :cry:

i like some of sam kriss’s stuff but it’s very important for you to know he’s read kierkegaard isn’t it. and when he starts in on the “deontological ethics” and “fenbeotchian purlocurdences” and the like it starts to sound like white noise word salad bullshit after a bit.


I actually don’t understand what this is about, as well as 85% of her tweets and about 60% of this topic.

I wish you all good day.


What I will add is that after reading some of her tweets I hope Shaun Wright-Phillips finds his feet again.


Friday Stats Check

Im not saying that I enjoy them but people do spend a lot of time following people on twitter. The super active twitter personalties tweet a lot everyday and can for certain people be a major source of news. Sure its a curatorial role more then anything else but for some busy people that could be worth £2 a month. Lets not go into the social issues of getting your info off someone on twitter.


Yeah you dont like her or her content, fair enough. But the wider question is not that but if its okay for freelance journalists who are mostly known as twitter personalties to ask for voluntary donations and imo there is fuck all wrong with that.


i guess, but twitter to me is more of a vanity platform where people can write a load of shit that no one has asked them to write. seems weird to expect any money for that (unless you’re one of those people who manage a company’s twitter account to answer customer questions obviously)


just gonna leave this here


I dont think anyone is expecting money off it… just a voluntary thing of asking for very small amounts of money from fans. Honestly as advertising revenue plummets and all publishers are short on cash this is going to become the new normal.

Its going to be almost impossible for people without public school connections or parents money to write shitty opinion pieces and actual journalism without it. Because until you are right at the top level no one is going to pay you very much.

Sub point it is incredibly sad and concerning that proper on the field foreign reporting is a dying art. The future will have people who have never visited the middle east dictating the media conversation around Syria.


how swiftian.


Someone really needs to save these people from themselves.


I say if you manage to have 15k people listen to the crap you say fair play. If you manage to get some of those people to actually pay you out of their own free will even better




Top journalism :joy:


some people pull in like 60k a month on patreon. that’s fucking insane.


“We need to discuss the political significance of emoji.”

nah we’re grand thanks


no more insane than a Swedish gamer making $15million from his youtube channel last year


Maybe I can crowdfund here for my next post