Journalist twitter beg

if i had a blue tick id get on twitter right now and call you a dickhead. god id fucking love a blue tick


I looked into it but stopped for some reason, I thought that they probably wouldn’t believe that I was an official account.

She seems to be a bit more chilled out these days.

Still too “ME ME ME ME ME” for my liking mind.


Are you confusing her with Alex James?



And yet it works on multiple levels.

Pretty much this, I remember her being a proper firebrand a few years back. Just seems like she’s much closer to mainstream left/center left politics at the moment.

Heh, yeah.

All of these people are the centre-left of the future. Y’know like how David Aaronovitch, Christopher Hitchens all of them lads used to be full on Marxists etc. This is the order of things.

This must have been years ago but yeah pretty much sums up what I’m saying.

Somewhat off topic, but it always irks me that people who write columns and think pieces get called journalists. I know it’s been the case for years, but I still don’t like it.


Long-read DiSers tbh


What do you think they should be called? I write for a magazine, but have done nothing even close to journalistic ever. I struggled when they asked for my occupation at the Doctors the other day. Writer seems a bit grandiose. In the end, I settled for professional wit.


I accept there’s not really an easy way round it. My brain just sees “journalist” and thinks of reporters though. I guess it’s my problem.


Or Columnists

I literally quit twitter after they kept tweeting a pic of them all on a plane to America. True story.

I’ve not read much of Sam Kriss but he likes my novelty Fall lyrics twitter account

don’t give money to beggars.