Journalist twitter beg

some people pull in like 60k a month on patreon. that’s fucking insane.

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“We need to discuss the political significance of emoji.”

nah we’re grand thanks


no more insane than a Swedish gamer making $15million from his youtube channel last year


Maybe I can crowdfund here for my next post

i’m going to start a great thread about ovens if some of you donate towards buying me a Crunchie

Absolute hero.

thread was worth it for this phrase


“Roger Helmer MEP”



Going to start using the :joy: emoji more now.

might exercise my male privilege

oh hang on, its total bullshit

I want your money not your opinions!

don’t get how commentary has become so huge. gimme some truth man.

No such thing, maaaaaan.


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tbh the guy she’s arguing with is making an argument that’s based on a fallacy.

I’ve read and re-read this thread a few times but I really don’t make sense of it. What are people annoyed about here?

But I do agree that handclaps between handclaps every handclaps word handclaps is for tossers.

I think the overall view is that people are just beginning to realise that we’re living in a beggars’ economy where our content (whether it be words, music, pictures/we) is generating cash & economic strength for global tech companies and a certain type of news media that has shifted to an aggregator model …but we haven’t yet established the hard criteria in this beggars economy about what sort of activity we feel is ‘legitimate’ to ask for money for

I expect the reaction to Abi Wilkinson putting out the cup has large components of all kinds of prejudices to do with worth & value and where the interface is between what industrial society thinks these things are versus what digital society things

essentially twitter is a streaming services for thoughts and no one is getting any royalties - ko-fi is a consequence

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Also there was that time she called me a dickhead.