Joy Division - Dr Martens




Dr Marten makes a damn good shoe.


And boot, but that goes without saying.


This is now the Dr Marten appreciation thread.


Ever seen a man say goodbye to a boot?


Preferred their oven gloves.


Heh, yes, once.



There was a trend in my school for writing the names and logos of bands you liked in tip ex on your dms.

Mine didn’t have joy division but neds atomic dustbin etc because I was such a cool sixteen year old.


not sure i get the fetishisation of DMs, saw and admired some beavis and butthead ones the other day though




They are comfy, last forever and have banging faux leather ones for vegan crybabies like me. What’s not to like?


The new order ones are decent


They do cut your feet to shreds before they become comfy though


.I’ve worn nothing but men’s 1461 pw black smooth for 20 something years now, but they’re so fucking expensive nowadays I’m not sure I can afford to anymore.


where will it tread
where will it treeee-eeead


And she turned around and took me by the hand and said,
I’ve lost my sole again.


They had those and the New Order ones in the shop window in Aberdeen for the past couple of weeks. Wasn’t sure if I liked them or not…but £150? Sheesh!

I did buy the Hacienda ones about ten years ago though, they were pretty nifty…and half the price :smiley:


Wish they would make some Songs Ohia Converse. I would wear the hell out of them.


I would like to see some Animal Collective shoes, decorated with the MPP pattern.