Joy Division - Dr Martens

Dr Obafemi Martins.

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oh fuck i work just down the street, i actually really wanna go to this

oh wait. i really wanted it to be real :frowning:

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nah i was wondering why i hadn’t spotted this new venue just down the road from work but a friend broke the news to me that it’s a parody page of Belfast gentrification (there’s currently a whole spate of pubs being taken oven and reopening with an incredibly similar naming convention, and the font at the top of venue page is absolutely bang on). it now strikes me as an incredibly obvious joke name but i found it genuinely believable as some bad ironic pub name like ‘The Bar With No Name’ (we had one of those for a while here)

i’ve been well and truly Onioned.

quite enjoying the parody page’s #content now though