Joy Zipper

Any fans around these parts ? will they ever record another album ? it’s been 14 years since the Heartlight Set. Doesn’t look promising does it…

Oddly enough had “if I’m right” in my head the other day. Great band

American Whip is fantastic


Really like American Whip


They seem to have an active FB page. Posting stuff occasionally.

also used to think the singer looked like Sunny but I’m not sure now looking back


Apparently they decided to call it a day after they found out mildly popular music ‘review’ website Drown In Sounds were mean to them…

Hey ! they have been recording, as The Tindales !! and it’s good…

Great band, massively underrated .

Oh man, and here was I thinking they were back (in pog form or otherwise). This is a rare and gorgeous post-Heartlight Set song they’ve put on youtube:

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See my post above about their newish band !

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I’d heard this track, but didn’t realise there was an entire EP to buy :slight_smile:

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Ma fave. Often find myself singing “I’m getting tired of life”

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Messaged them the other day. A few years back they had finished an album (and said they would send me a copy) but then got cold feet. Apparently working on a series of mixtapes of old and new stuff (?!!?!?). Really nice guys. And yes, American Whip is fantastic and needs a vinyl reissue


I think For Lenny’s Own Pleasure was on every mix CD I made between 2005 and 2008/9

I loved it so much that I probably didn’t listen to the rest of their stuff enough tbh.

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33x has just the best melody.

Loved that David Holmes mix (and was the first place I heard them too) :grinning:

For year after year I looked earnestly if they were doing more stuff.

Besides all the gorgeous stuff mentioned above, their covers of Wave of Mutilation and Just Like Heaven are sublime:

I felt American Whip was a bit of a let down after The Stereo and God EP to be honest. Had high hopes for it but left me cold