Joy Zipper

ME TOO! The NME one? Also discovered Lali Puna from that too.

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If it helps, stereo and god was recorded after and was released as a stop gap while american whip was being held up by the record label…

Good question! I think you’re probably right, but my memory’s not great. There was that one, the Essential Mix and another set he did for the radio that we had a copy of - all 3 were great, but I can’t remember exactly what was on each. Think you’re probably right, that it was the NME one - had an Andy Weatherall mix on it too didn’t it?

Aha that’s the one - and it was Andy Weatherall who gave me Lali Puna… that Stockers Motor was a tune too!

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Ah! Ye know I can mind that now. Sure I read a blinding review of AW in Uncut but couldn’t find the bastard anywhere and thats why I ended up with the EP. Which I love btw and still play regular