Joyce Manor - Cody

out today

obviously brilliant and AOTY


Listening now - loved Fake ID but have never really gotten into them before.

heard side A so far and loved it. was a big fan of NHA, but this might be even further up my street.

This is brilliant from front to back - now gonna go and listen to their last album.

on first impressions this isn’t as good as never hungover again.

But i’ve probably listened to that about a million times since it was released and it’s fucking incredible

Great album. Not as great as Never Hungover Again, but few things are. Very clearly a band who could be absolutely massive if they want it.


Yeah they’ve set themselves a particularly difficult benchmark tbh.

Sounds great on first listen anyway.

Having listened to both albums about the same amount of times, and having no emotional connection to NHA, I pronounce Cody to be better.


Joyce Manor>Never Hungover Again>Cody>Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired

All great though

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I enjoyed it but didn’t love it. Nothing wrong with it per se but only a couple really special tracks

Eighteen easily being one of their best

Yeah that’s one of the immediate standouts for me too, I like Angel in the snow too


I hadn’t really heard of them before. But I loved this and I’m now going through their back catalogue. Exactly my kind of thing but I’ve been out of touch for a few years.


Stairs and Make Me Dumb are the standouts for me. Stairs in particular is glorious.

Really not keen on the vocal on Over Before it Began.

definitely getting better on every listen this

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Angel In The Snow :sob:

Going to see them in Philly. Can’t wait

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