Joyce Manor - Cody

I think, if I could choose one band to watch every night for the rest of time, it would be Joyce Manor. had the most amazing time singing along at Bush Hall last year and I want to feel that happy all the time.

Hotelier supporting too b_d

New Album ‘Million Dollars to Kill Me’ out in September.

I thought Cody was their best yet, so looking forward to this one.

I like the new one I’ve heard off it but didn’t think Cody was anywhere near as good as never hungover again.

I’m sure I’ll still play the new one loads though

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Yeah thought the last one was shite

half of Cody is really good (nowhere near as good as NHA/self titled though)

new song is average

fingers crossed the album is better

Yeah last you heard of me is one of their best, angel in the snow and eighteen are both bangers as well


I’m a fan of this band, saw them with Martha the last time they toured. They are supporting Basement in a few months too. Shall be checking out the new record in preparation therefore.

think the new album’s gonna be bad guys

they turned up late at Martha in Manchester and were pretty bad

Well the last one was awful so…

I’ve heard it, it is certainly different. Going much more for general indie / alternative than pop-punk or emo. I don’t want to say it is outright bad, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

I thought it was bad.

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Nah, they were ace that night. I mean Barry seemed like a dick for turning up late with some lame excuse about meeting his Dad, but they were on good form. I’d still have preferred to have seen Martha headline though

New album is shit.


Yeah - for me this is weak. I like Still In Love With You and Million Dollars but have just put them into a playlist with Cody.

Can really feel it was originally written as solo material, I think. Wonder if it will be their last? Seems that they have nowhere else to take it really?

I like the new album, it’s different but they’re we’re obviously aiming for something different.

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Auto correct ,should have said ‘they were aiming for something different.’

Think Jordan means: what were they aiming for?