JQBX.fm : play and discuss music together in real time!


I stumbled on JQBX.fm the other day and it’s amazing! It’s like Plug.dj or turntable but it hooks into your Spotify library so you can play any of their catalogue and keep track of all the new songs you discover in one place.

I love it but it needs more people so I can discover more music! I’m on it now so come join me and get the party started…

What have been the best threads since this time last week?

How exactly did you stumble across JQBX.fm, JQBX.fm?


You stupid, stupid cunt.


…whoops :slight_smile:

Still a fun service… give it a try! That way once you do you can tear me a new one on the forum if you don’t like it :slight_smile:


I thought that JQBX.fm would allow us all to play our musical instruments together, so that we could have a mass play / singalong of The Impression That I Get by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Sad!


this thread should be repurposed for a dis collaborative music project


This tickled me properly


Tech lads, eh


Uh oh I feel like i’m losing the audience:

It’s still a fun service :wink: give it a shot :gun:


you mean we could text all our mates and form a super-band?


Family guy clips? at least you know your audience!


:joy: YSC


Utterly shameless.


what’s your username on there?


oh man


only on mac :crying_cat_face:


wait i feel like we’re currently discussing music in real time


As for PLAYING music in real time…


doesn’t really have the same effect when there’s a shitey natwest advert on first


oh there isn’t for me that’s weird