Jubilee awfulness

this is going to be playing on repeat in my head all weekend


You guys have it easy. I have to put up with us opening a whole new bloody tube line with her name on it. I intend to stubbornly continue to refer to it as crossrail until I retire.


Thumbnail is spinning me out. They could’ve picked a more recent one.

Two thumbs up for extra annual leave but find it quite genuinely creepy the fawning over the Queen and the Royal Family in general.

Basically sums up the bootlicker mentality we have a lot of in this country and that we just love to be ruled no questions asked which I think sort of explains why we are where we are with the Tories.

TL:DR - thanks for the free days in the pub, stop subjecting us to medieval ruling

Video’s three years old so I guess they just changed the title

Pretty confident I am not going to find it in any way difficult to completely let all this pass me by.


Alright Queen Elizabeth II


Oh fair

I teach in a private school with many different non-native students. I have to deliver a tutorial on the Jubilee on Friday. I am always amazed that my students are more interested in the Royal Family than I am, and I know almost nothing about the Royal Family. Wish me luck!

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idk if it’s wanting to be ruled?

I think it’s just identity. that’s why people get so angry about it when challenged, why they’ve not interrogated it much, etc

the Queen, the flag, the idea of the country, this is their sense of self, their self-esteem - their framework for perceiving reality

Being in Scotland presumably helps but other than people asking if we get an extra day off I don’t think I’ve seen or heard anything about the Jubilee outside of this forum. Not even sure when it is.


Think it makes it into the subject matter of a lot of English language books. And just general all pervasive general ‘things we know about Brits’.

In Italy a standard question when people realise you are British is ‘Do you like the Queen’. and you have to work out if they mean the old woman or the band. Although either way I can just say no tbh.

I don’t think people would express it like that but I do think it is at the core of why we have an almost permanent Tory government and moreover one dominated by cliched upper class twits. It is just deeply ingrained that these are the people who should rule


Ready to get slamdunked here, but:

  • monarchy has been a part of our history through all the various conquerings (as far as I’m aware), so it’s a “thing” in the UK (obviously it hasn’t just been kings and queens of England)
  • I feel a lot more hostility towards massive money-grabbing corporations than the comparatively small “inner circle” of the Royal family - at least they bring in some money from tourism, and they pay for it with public scrutiny and what I imagine is a relatively high workload (compared to say the CEO of a large money-grabbing corporation)
  • I think it’s possible to not mind the Royal family but despise the Tories (being in that situation myself)
  • I find the general population’s acceptance of the awfulness of the Tories far more frustrating than I find people wanting to celebrate the Queen

Ho hum.


Absolutely bang on. One of the few things that all of my students know about the UK is that we have a royal family. Whereas I know almost nothing about the Queen!

Also, shows such as The Crown are obviously very popular with an international audience.

Agree with a lot of this but then they go into full spin/PR mode on Andrew the pedo and I’m reminded that they are in fact bad


Yeah, all that tawdry stuff does rather sully them as an “organisation” - he probably should have been quietly deported.


“Using a walking stick, the Queen smiled as she met staff who have been key to the project and who will run the railway, including train drivers, station workers and apprentices. She was given an Oyster card and shown how to use it on a ticket machine.” From The Guardian about her opening The Elizabeth Line.

I think she hasn’t set herself up with an auto-top up though. I agree with her, it’s a pain when TfL take another £20 from you when you’ve plenty of credit left already.


She’s probably got a freedom pass.


I guess what I’m saying is it isn’t a thought-through, articulated thing, it’s just wanting things to be the way they’ve always been?

so we have to take that into account when talking about + challenging these things

obvs this will vary according to whether you’re challenging people who rule or people who get ruled, but it’s a good idea to not make this so polemical as that just benefits the ruling class