Judging peoples taste through the medium of polls: Chocolate edition



I’ll start; you continue (as I’m going to lunch)

Sweets and etc are also acceptable


  • A fine treat, regardless of your age
  • For adult babies

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If you’re a geez, Yorkie or fucking nothing!


it’s all great. except for Bounty.



  • Utterly delicious and surprisingly refreshing, as chocolate bars go
  • There is no colour in my life

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Best chocolate tycoon:

  • Wonka
  • Slugworth

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Let’s just jump straight to the king of chocolate bars…

  • Wins this thread by an absolute mile
  • I have no taste buds

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  • Get in my face, you beautiful bastard
  • Oooo no it’s far too sweet and also I am a massive blouse

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Bounty (real poll)

  • Dark good, normal bad
  • Dark bad. normal good
  • Both good
  • Both bad

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Dairy milk

  • Plain
  • Fruit & nut
  • Whole nut
  • Caramel
  • Daft short-run one
  • Don’t like any of 'em

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Has a weird texture for me.



  • I’ve got that Friday feeling!
  • The other one

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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

  • American chocolate has no right being this delicious
  • I am incapable of feeling pleasure

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Galaxy - as a standalone, not in the context of being one of the least bad celebrations

  • I don’t like overly sweet shite
  • I like overly sweet shite

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overrated but nice



  • It doesn’t taste like chocolate and i’m not sure what it really is, BUT it is the BEST.
  • it doesn’t taste like chocolate and I am a stickler for chocolate being made out of chocolate and tasting like chocolate.

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it’s so velvety


Yeah alright, ban request for @Petagno for this shameless trolling.