Judging peoples taste through the medium of polls: Movies edition



  • Generally very good
  • Generally a bit shit

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Wes Anderson

  • Quirky and fun
  • Tryhard one-note shite

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Ooft, gone with q&f but he’s been extremely TONS with recent efforts IMO

  • Wayne’s World
  • Bill and Ted
  • This is a false dichotomy

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no foot-dipping in this thread mate, straight for the big guns


I was hoping to do some work today instead I will be voting in this thread


^early Mike Myers arthouse film


American Honey

  • Extremely boring
  • I’m afraid I have to agree with film critics 100% of the time regardless of whether I actually enjoy watching a thing or not

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Oh come on.


The tree of life

  • :+1:
  • :-1:
  • I enjoyed it in a way I might enjoy a good quality screensaver

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M. Night Shyamalan

  • Bad
  • HUGE TWIST He’s actually good

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The Master

  • Work of genius
  • I thought it was dull because I don’t enjoy cinema as an artform and I all of my opinions should be disregarded

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:smiley: This is extremely transparent trolling and I apologise to the good people of the DiS Film Discussion threads.


What’s Yr Take On Cassavetes?

  • misogynist
  • genius

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La La Land

  • OSCAR OSCAR OSCAR! My favourite film since ‘Crash’
  • Pretty but completely empty and unsatisfying

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Genuinely interested to see the results of this one.


  • Unforgivable; his films are tainted by association
  • I mean, his films weren’t even that good to begin with
  • It’s complicated
  • You must separate the art from the artist

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  • Alcoholic
  • Messiah

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  • Paul Blart: Mall Cop
  • Grown Ups 2

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Excluding punch drunk love Adam Sandler

  • Has made some good films
  • Has not made some good films

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By, “it’s complicated” I basically mean, “god I love Chinatown please don’t make me give up Chinatown.”