Judging peoples taste through the medium of polls: Music edition


Go on, do one for bands or musicians or whatever, I can’t be arsed to actually do any myself but I got the the taste for voting!



  • Brilliant

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This is perfect for the question I wanted to ask dis


  • Good
  • Bad

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  • Good
  • Radiohead

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Kate Tempest

  • .
  • …pish

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Elliott Smith

  • Beautiful
  • Depressing/I don’t like his voice/Other brexity opinion

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  • Yes.
  • No.
  • No, but I’m voting “no” having not heard a single note of their music. I sort of hate the IDEA of Phish, you know?

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I like a hippy as much as the next man, but jesus.


It’s a ‘no’ but I’m fond of them non-musically for sentimental reasons and for the ‘Analyze Phish’ podcast


Pearl Jam


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Brand New

  • Only heard of them off here
  • I’m sure they have some nice tunes or something

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  • Yes
  • Not Yes

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What’s the bad one here please Nicola?


The Donnas

  • Take It Off is a CHOON, tbf
  • Ffs you’re old enough to know better

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How do I click both


The trick’s on you because there ISN’T ONE


now there’s a band i didn’t need reminding about


Sorry, never heard of them.


A New Found Glory

  • Honestly in contention for being the worst band of all time
  • I don’t actually like music

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This poll has singularly confirmed two of my suspicions. Thanks guys!