Judging peoples taste through the medium of polls: Music edition

Tiger Crew

  • Kevin is in Jail (good)
  • Kevin was Found Innocent by a Jury of his Peers (bad)

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What were they!?

Tom Waits

  • Chocolate Jesus
  • Pretentious nostalgia

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Have your “non-musically sentimental reasons” got anything to do with ice cream?

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a) That most people hate Phish without having heard them
b) That I’m the only Phish fan here - and possibly in the UK


Nope, an ex-gf was a proper phish-head innit

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Sonic Youth

  • Kool Thing
  • Incinerate

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Where’s the ‘I tried an album and they were bad and all you fans are fucking out of your skulls’ option?

tbf I like them because of the analyse phish podcast, like ant, and kind of in spirit - keeping alive the grateful dead kind of hippy thing. I also think that’s kinda terrible in a lot of ways, though. I’ve also never heard a note by them outside of the podcast and I don’t want to.

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Mate, your poll only confirms ‘a’ because you didn’t have an option of “I’ve never heard them but maybe they’d be cool?!”

Out of interest was this the band that Carrie Brownstein spent ages getting fully into, or was that Spoon?

It’s in the Radiohead poll

Not fit to shine the Dead’s shoes tbh

Main question is how is she still alive with half a muffin still stuck in his throat after all these years?


  • \m/ \m/
  • hardly know 'er!

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Neutral Milk Hotel

  • I can appreciate beautiful things

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That was Phish, yeah. She quite enjoyed them!

Hey @noise_ramones and @anon5266188 - what is the analyse phish podcast?

Oh well I trust her. They’re probably good then.

It’s a podcast in which the fucking hilarious but tragically now dead Harris Wittels (former stand-up and writer for Parks & Rec/Aziz Ansari’s show and regular Comedy Bang Bang guest) tries to get Comedy Bang Bang host Scott Aukerman into the band Phish. It’s funny and good because Harris Wittels was fucking brilliant.

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Those celtic-punk bands like the Dropkick Murphys

  • Urrrrgh
  • fo,m

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(Also worth noting I have sentimental musical fondness for Wading in the Velvet Sea but it’s pretty objectively very bad)