Judging peoples taste through the medium of polls: Sporting Edition (Adults Only)



  • A good walk spoilt
  • Votes for the Conservative Party

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Rugby Union

  • I support Wales
  • Brexit/Toff option
  • More of an American football fan

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Fucking state of those polls, mate


Ruffers, for the second poll do you select Brexit/Toff if you yourself are brexit/a toff or is it to state that the sport is for brexit/toffs?


Just wanted to avoid the usual childishness


What’s the difference


I think the difference is pretty clear really mate



  • Ball
  • Ball,
  • Ball.
  • Footy
  • Footy,
  • Footy.

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Best league in the world

  • Barclays BPL League
  • Bundesliga
  • Championship
  • La Liga
  • Bolivian 2nd Division

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  • Soldiers deserve what footballers earn
  • Give footballers wages to soldiers

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Footballing teams with the most integrity

  • Are based North of Stoke
  • Are based South of Stoke

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The majority of foreign players in the premieship…

  • Have lifted the quality of football in this country by a massive amount
  • Don’t like it up 'em

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Tennis [poll public=true]

  • Andy Murray’s just a sour scot
  • C’mon Tim!



  • Net benefit to society
  • Please stop

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  • Football fans
  • Rugby Union fans
  • Formula 1 fans
  • American sports fans

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This is incredibly tricky


I mean, it’s obviously rugby fans but without that option it would have been a very tricky poll



  • Very worrying development in society
  • FO, M (swigs can of Monster)

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i’m sorry have you actually had a conversation with an F1 fan??


Formula one fans are obviously complete fucking bores but they aren’t as private school as rugby fans



  • OI OI OI!
  • Needy indie bellend opinion

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