Judging peoples taste through the medium of polls: Sporting Edition (Adults Only)

think about which one you’d rather get stuck in a lift with


  • Great sport
  • Great, but it’s not a sport
  • I’m a fucking dense cunt

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I’d much rather be in a pub when there’s a F1 race on than an England rugby match, that’s the real quiz


Best sporting city in Britain

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Joke answer (Sheffield)

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I’ve been there mate you can’t fool me with fake news

i mean if you’re specifically talking about english fans…

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I would accept French and Welsh as non-Posh rugby fans
Scotland unfortunately would be

French would just be racist farmers wouldn’t they?

The important thing is that they didn’t pay for their education

Enjoy voting for Marine Le Pen at Reading


  • Legitimately the king of all sports
  • Hold on, you’re telling me this Test has lasted 5 days and ended in a draw? Da fuq?!

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  • An innocent pastime
  • Brexit jogging

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  • Watch, don’t play (couch potato)
  • Play, don’t watch (sports snob twat)
  • Play and watch (MASSIVE LAD)
  • Don’t do neither m8 (indie bell end)

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*to qualify for PLAY or WATCH status, you have to do either at least ONCE PER WEEK during the season