Judging Peoples Taste Through The Medium of Polls - Words Edition



  • A perfectly cromulent word. I use it every day to describe the moisture levels of a variety of things. Moist.
  • It’s a fine word, but only when used to describe certain things. Cake, for example.
  • I’ve no problem with the word per se, but it does make me feel vaguely uncomfortable.
  • It’s a bad, bad word.
  • How could you?

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said it on national TV, mate



  • A written or printed work
  • An SMS
  • To send an SMS
  • The past tense of “to send an SMS”, i.e. I am an irredeemably thick cunt

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  • To produce a drawing
  • To make a random selection
  • An even score
  • That fing wot I keep my underwares in, innit

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  • Urgh
  • I should be on some kind of register

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  • nuke the earth
  • i’m a trump voting american bastard

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  • Tending to diminish or put an end to conflict; appeasing.
  • in a way that is exact and clear; precisely.

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  • A hot drink made from leaves
  • That thing with the scones
  • One of the three standard daily meals, i.e. I like to use needlessly confusing words because I am a selfish, thoughtless prick

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No YOU’RE a selfish, thoughtless etc.

This thread’s going to be a bloodbath. What have I done. What have I done.


Using the word literally when you don’t mean literally

  • Fine, that’s the point even
  • No, I don’t understand the use of exaggeration for emphasis

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Some words because dis thinks I’ve posted this already



  • Orange, apple etc.
  • Ginger
  • What?

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“i’m selfish, thoughtless and a little insecure. if you can’t handle me at tea, you don’t deserve me at dinner”

-adolf hitler


(only for Countdown purposes as it is a very useful word on there)



  • This is an entertaining new word which really shows the vivacity and originality of English neologisms.
  • More like neolojism. Makes me want to die.

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Saying “lol” in spoken sentences

  • I do not do this
  • I have no shame

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