Judging People's Taste Through the Medium of Sandwiches


Crusty, white bread, corned beef, cheddar cheese, pickles (optional)[poll max=50 public=true]

  • Oh yeah
  • Oh no


Any sandwich that is “Just…” Cheese…Meat…Tuna…etc

  • OH NO
  • OH YAS

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Sounds alright otherwise


wasn’t even trying to irk the vegans or vegetarians :joy:


where’s the “fine, but boring” option?


Granary bread, hummous, felafel, spinach, tomato, red onion, ketchup (replaced ketchup with Sriracha since that became a thing in 2010).

  • YEAH
  • NEAH

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Judging people’s taste through the…

  • No please, carry on

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That sounds great once you’d replaced the ketchup


Butter/marg when the filling already has mayo

  • Slap it on
  • Boak

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Beef and cheese is an enjoyable combination


tbh, i’m thinking the same. might go back to ketchup. becoming more convinced that sriracha just belongs on ramen noodles .


Any sandwich from Subway.

  • Wank fillings in shite bread, I love it!
  • I have a soul.

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any pre-packaged sandwhich bought from a supermarket

  • fine I guess but NEVER anything to get excited about/fucking disgusting rank cuntshit
  • I really like some supermarket sandwhiches actually/i don’t know how food works and have never bought cheese that isn’t pre-sliced/grated.

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this is what I came in here for


felafel [sic] should be accompanied by tahini, obviously.


I dunno why they’re a thing at supermarkets. Its cheaper and tastier to get a roll and a pack of salami or something.


tahini in the hummous, compadre.


cheese posties [poll type=single public=true]

  • are real
  • are not


Marks & sparks sandwiches are the :bee: 's