Judging people's tastes through the medium of polls: Homewares and interior design edition

  • Oooh so shiny!
  • No more than a massive fuck you to future owners of your property

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Spending over a grand on a sofa

  • I prefer buying cheap and often
  • I’m a Tory

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Isn’t this the kind of thing that they used to make in mid-00s cocktail bar surfaces?




I have voted accordingly.


Mid century modern

  • Terrible.
  • I follow trends like a sheeple.

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  • I don’t know the true value of anything
  • I hate straightforward solutions to everyday problems

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wood burning stove

  • Projecting my own image of climate consciousness is more important than real world environmental impacts
  • Just keep burning fossil fuels, who gives a fuck

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Roll top baths…

  • Castles or plebs, no inbetween!
  • Nothing wrong with a bit of vintage glamour!

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Wait which way do I vote if I think spoon rests are for pricks?


its ok you nailed it


never thought i’d say this, but i think i’m burnt out on polls


Welcome to the team.


Joseph Joseph tend to make

  • innovative and useful products
  • overpriced tat

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I never bought one in the end

  • Beautiful, life affirming fun that brightens every day
  • Tat for brain dead idiots

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