Juggalo Thread


Real juggalos only in this thread


Magnets, eh, how do they fuckin’ work?!


i can do three balls at once, tops


Awoo, three balls? I did circus skills during the summer months as a child. I can spin plates… and not much else :clown_face:


If I were American, I’d definitely be one of those people who follows phish on tour, and I’d PROBABLY be a juggalo too.


anyone else sing ‘juggalo’ to the tune of ‘tupelo’

no, me neither


just how insane are the insane clown posse?


is there even such thing as a sane clown posse?


fair point.

they should just drop the “insane” part. plus is may stigmatise genuine clowns with mental illness who like to gather in groups.




definite potential for a christopher guest film based on these guys


got “Just a Gigolo” in my head now, only with Juggalo instead of Gigolo




I remember seeing a brilliant documentary about clowns a few years back. One of them was a really angry alcoholic who hated kids. It kept showing you him down the pub in full clown outfit shouting at people


I want this film already.

Don’t they have a clown hall of fame where their makeup design is painted onto eggs?


American Juggalo


oh my :smiley:

shaggy 2 dope & violent j don’t appear to have made it into the hall of fame though :frowning_face:



This has pure tickled me for some reason :grinning:


This is a clown thread now, right? Stayed in a hotel in Paris that had loads and loads of clown paintings downstairs, was very disconcerting. Totally get the clown hate thing, don’t remember the term for it but it describes the dislike for things thst look humanlike but are distorted in some way. Probably why these look so awful too https://www.google.co.uk/search?client=ms-android-samsung&biw=360&bih=278&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=Y0VdWebIDM_wgAaW0KSQDA&q=creepy+titans&oq=creepy+titans&gs_l=mobile-gws-img.3..0l2.39625.43464.0.43769.…0…1.1j4.64.mobile-gws-img…10.9.1296…0i13k1j0i67k1j0i7i30k1j0i8i7i30k1.GBwWbVtGtWo