Anyone here a juggler?

We had an appointment in our calendars at work added by one of the board. No-one knew what it was.

It has just been revealed that because they couldn’t afford a weekend away this year, they’ve booked a juggling teacher to teach us all juggling for an hour. Starting in 1 minute.

Makes me wish my prediction that everyone was going to be made redundant had happened after all.


Oh, it’s just for the technical team.

They’re doing a headcount. Some people have gone missing.

Of course I can fucking juggle.

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I took my bf on a day of circus skills which included juggling. I cannot juggle. He can juggle. That part was quite boring.

Got a set of balls on my desk. (Haven’t touched them in 5 years)

was in the park at lunchtime and a guy was juggling some pins/clubs/whatever for no apparent reason. was unexpected.

i cannot juggle.

Can do, including with clubs. Useful skill for distracting small children.

On a vaguely related subject, found out recently that someone I work with used to be a circus clown and teach circus skills to children. She ran away from the circus to become a business analyst. Living the dream…

Only a prick juggles.

Do what you want behind closed doors but keep that shit away from me and my family.

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uh oh :expressionless:

I juggle my responsibilities very effectively

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Saw a video recently of some young Korean (I think) lad juggling three Rubik’s cubes and solving them at the same time. In under 5 minutes.

Genuinely mindblowing.

What a dickhead


@eems juggles

Look I hate human achievement as much as the next mid-ranking citizen but, seriously, this was the real deal.

And I haven’t solved a single one in 30 years, not juggling it.

It was a bit of a fad for six months in my school when I was about 13, so yes, I can juggle with three balls, but that’s about it. It’s the kind of thing, like poi, that you might do as a kid, but then you end up hanging around white people with dreads and so you stop.

I remember going to Leeds Festival one year and there was a group of public school kids who had bought full juggling, poi and diablo sets to use. They were taking them all out of the packets when we arrived to pitch our tents. They’d also bought a guitar and print outs of song lyrics for everyone.

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I cannot juggle. Tried a bit as a kid but just lack the basic hand eye coordination.


If I was rich I’d consider going to clown school actually